Friday, August 21, 2009

Malaysian Metallurgical Conference 2009

Metallurgy field has been appointed as one of the critical research area by Malaysian government hence it has been prioritized under the Rancangan Malaysia ke-9 (RMK9). Metal applications are potential and given more opportunity compared with other materials. The equipments and technology that we have can be optimized and manipulated to explore the potential in this field. Realizing this fact, Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) is trying to gather all the expertise from industry, research center and university to discuss and explored the chances in expand the metallurgy study through suitable characterization method and analysis. The outcome of this efforts, it’s hoped that metallurgy course can be explored more intensively and action of collective efforts can be taken to brace the education course in Malaysia.

¨ To provide the opportunity that enable exchange the ideas between the metallurgical science and technological people.
¨ To build the substantial cooperation and networking amongst the academicians, scientists, researchers and engineers from the fields related to metallurgical sciences and engineering.
¨ To share and discuss research findings, information, knowledge and activities throughout the spectrum of metallurgical science, engineering and technology community.
¨ To discuss the contribution to the economy of the country through the metallurgical development.

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